4 August

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1993.12.11 - 1994.08.04

The Timepiece of Humanity (html version)

2005 "The Lucky Bums"

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2005.08.04 15:14

The Advertising of Art
2006.08.04 11:48

The Lucky Bums do it again!
2006.08.04 13:15

The Camp [oh!] Prometheus Interviews

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2013.08.04 13:06

2006.08.04 11:48
The Advertising of Art
The Advertising of Art entitles a new series of prints from Museumpeace. While several prints of the series are already complete, there are still many more to be [over] done. In fact, like the advertising of art itself, there can never be enough of The Advertising of Art.

Stephen Lauf, The Advertising of Art, artist proof 01 (2006.08.03, laser print on art advertisement, 10.5 x 8.5 inches).
It appears that even Joseph Beuys and The Advertising of Art make a perfect fit. "Who knew?" or "Just hit the mark, indeed."

2006.08.04 13:15
The Lucky Bums do it again!
Last years performance of The Lucky Bums was so successful, that the whole production is being reenacted this year. While basically remaining 'true' to the 'original', there are nonetheless slight changes, for example, the various sites of the play will be along Spring Garden Street, west of Broad Street (including the church by Horace Trumbauer), and, where Catherine de Ricci played Maisie and Melania the Younger played Nancy, this year they're exchanging roles.




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