5 February

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2003.02.05 14:20

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2004.02.05 09:51

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2004.02.05 10:32

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If it isn't remotely buildable...  
Architecture exists in many "states"...  
That's entirely debatable...  
why would anyone want to keep such a narrow limitation...  
There has to be a framework...  
so what is the newest...  
Architecture wasn't always a profession, and...  
Of course architecture should continue to explore...  
I wonder why some people here always need...  
just wanted to mention that Piranesi did...   &
Fundamental to the concept of seeing is its inverse or...  
"…his eyes, magnified to fantastic proportions...  


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2018.02.05 10:25

2003.02.05 14:20
Re: Do We Know What We're Doing?
We are all mirrors that have to see ourselves regardless?

2004.02.05 09:51
Re: Declining Art Attendance
Somewhere in S/Z Barthes writes that laughter is the best form of castration.




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