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My commenting with David Rimanelli earlier today @rimanellidavid explains the posting of these images.

From The Discovery of Piranesi's Final Project:
30 May 2023   Monday
I get the feeling that diplomat Dashkoff, or, more probably his wife, actually knew Hélène Gregoroffsky.
I've been meaning to start writing about the new stuff I've learned over the last year of "discovery." For example, the first Russian diplomat to the United States of America was here, right where I am right now, today in 1812. And I know he's already coming back here 20 June 1812. The diplomat and his wife, actually--both times.
I wonder if I might go to Moscow later this year. I'm pretty sure I'd go if I could, but it also seems likely there are risks involved. Or maybe this is really all in some other life.
My brother and I used to play Risk a lot when we were kids.


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