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Ultimately a group of non-working readymades in the 'studio' corner ?

zero four two

Threadbare Central
I love having Sunday brunch with The McLaughlin Group...

...and maybe I'll have pizza tonight with Desperate Housewives...

...and then maybe I'll start The Fashionable Self Portrait Series or Quondam Architecture in a Tube.


REPORTAGE- Rhythm & Gender
My father first saw my mother acting on stage within the confines a Soviet/Stalinist Labor Camp sometime in the latter years of 1945-49.
Maybe only five degrees of separation between me and Stalin?
I still remember how, when I was two years old (1958), my mother taught me bricolage, i.e., how to make toys out of fittings from a box that originally displayed a variety items from Old Spice.
There was a whole lot of (almost unbelievable) stuff I learned growing up in my house.


"Rubbing My Duchampiana Oeuvre"
...compile and organize all my Duchamp related artwork and data. Begin printing “cracks” on various magazine pages, and also generate some collages utilizing the Duchamp (in print/magazines) material. ...compose a CD entitled Rubbing My Duchampiana Oeuvre.


(so-called) Birth of Venus in a Dream 2

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