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Stephen Lauf

Scan of a random page from the several, several thousand pages written by my brother, Otto George Lauf, almost daily over the past 42 years. Both sides of this page were written on or soon after "Monday, September 14, 2009."

From The Discovery of Piranesi's Final Project:
19 May 2023   Friday
I actually did a good bit of cad work today:

a small section of the Germantown Avenue University of Architecture, which contains a lot of building models.

There is so much I could write about each day taking care of a mostly invalid brother, but that's not what this story is really about. Anyway, the so far day-to-day disclosure and telling of the story continually deliveries new and unexpected surprises, and I like that, so it's easy to wait for the next prompt, so to speak, rather than take more control of the story myself. Each next surprise comes with a slight hint of magic, and who doesn't like magic?

Hermitage returns monumental silver sarcophagus of Saint Alexander Nevsky to the Russian Orthodox Church
Putin now orders return of Russia's most precious icon to the church

Excerpt from an email I received almost a month ago:
"The exhibition will feature an installation by Alek Petuk and the Coincidental Institute (of which I am also a member), VOTIW*, based on Alek's earlier work of the same name, a hermeneutic reductionist novel that presents everything outside as a set of first signs that describe the formation of the universe, time and the individual. The external can be the material-object world as well as human history. [these signs are "V", "O", "T", "I", "W"]."


Rem=Renaissance Greg Lynn=Baroque
Try my patented Baroque Pregnancy test. If you fulfill all of the following requirements, then you are "bestimmt Barock".
1. does your work manifest a bifurcation of the real and the illusory?
2. does your work introduce mirroring as a henceforth dominant theme?
3. does your work invert reality into a reenactment of its own illusory mirror?
If you cannot answer yes to any of the above questions, then you are unfortunately not Baroque, however, you can now try my new patented fertility pills.



Schlittenfahrt: "Hallo."
Koolhaas: "Wolfhilde, it's me, Rem."
Schlittenfahrt: "Are you calling for some metro-sex again?"
Koolhaas: "No, no. I'm calling if Josh and I can come over?"
Schlittenfahrt: "You mean like a metro-ménage or something?"
Koolhaas: "No, no. Josh and I just split up and we now need your advise as to what we should do next."
Schlittenfahrt: "Oh, that's a shame, you and Josh made such a nice couple. Let me guess, it turned out you both snore, right? Anyway, come on over. I'm just in the mood to give you guys my new Baroque Pregnancy test. The test results will let each of you know what to do next."
Koolhaas: "Thanks Wolfhilde. We'll be right over. Oh, before I forget, did Rita Novel change her cell number or something? I tried calling her several times and nothing happens."
Schlittenfahrt: "Oh, she's just taking a vacation on Uranus. Apparently everybody's doing that these days."


REPORTAGE- Rhythm & Gender
Ever since Otto's death 11 October 1916, he kept close watch of what Einstein was doing—once a Münchener always a Münchener and all that. Otto and Einstein first met 18 April 1955, and are close friends since then. Einstein doesn't hang around Earth much these days though; he's mostly far off somewhere in the continuum. The last time Otto and Einstein were together was on 5 March 2000 at Princeton. They captured lots of images (of architecture) on the University campus that Sunday. Otto recently decided to publish the images—Art that is Otto and Einstein at Princeton 5 March 2000.


Re: larry rivers
After hearing Terry Gross interview Larry Rivers back in 1992, I read What Did I Do? The Unauthorized Autobiography. I remember liking the book, but these days I don't remember much else except that Rivers related how some woman at some beach house they were both staying at showed him how to use an eggshell to get the tiny bits of eggshell that sometimes get into the eggwhites. Ever since then every time I make eggs for breakfast I automatically think of Larry Rivers.
Rivers was most recently in Philadelphia painting The Greatest Homosexual Couple, a painting of Napoleon and Jim Williams.



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