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Stephen Lauf

Like on most nights for the last 10 years or so, the last thing I do before turning off the computer is to check out a few architecture related web sites, one of which is I almost couldn't believe it that one of the latest works of architecture featured at afasiaarchzine is a new home in the Bavarian municipality of Hohenwart.

Michael Aurel Pichler Architekten   Haus Petz   Hohenwart

"The building site of the Petz house is on a hill near the old Benedictine convent in Hohenwart. The town’s historic market is located in the Paartal at the foot of the Klosterberg. Mountain and valley settlements form a topological duality."

Hohenwart is where my parents were reunited after their separate releases from the Soviet labor concentration camp very late 1949. The church at Klosterberg is where my parents were married, and the adjacent Benedictine convent is where my brother was born.

21 June 1952   Saturday   My mother's sister and brother-in-law and their 2 year old son were witness to my parent's wedding.

Very possibly 22 June 1952

10 May 1953   Inscription on the back: 10.5.53 Hohenwart

I can still remember my mother telling me that it got very hot that day, and, yes, 10 May 1953 was a Sunday.


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