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Stephen Lauf

Latest addition to my Ury House dossier, a dossier with the purpose of ending the lies published about Ury House and a dossier with the purpose of establishing the true history of Ury House.

[I asked Beth to state in writing as to why Ryerss Library is not accepting my dossier on Ury House.]
I was asked to keep a dossier of information on Ury House by Stephen Lauf. For a number of reasons, this is a request we cannot fulfill. If the information were compiled into a book, I would happily add it to the collection. As I am not in charge of the gift shop, I have no responsibility for the disputed book.
Beth Atkinson Librarian

[I asked for the name and contact information of Beth's supervisor.]
Theresa Stuhlman

[After reviewing Beth's written and signed statement, I ask what exactly are the number of reasons the library cannot accept the Ury House dossier.]
1. The library does not accept anything that has nothing to do with the Ryerss family.
2. A file folder of loose pages is impractical and we don't have the space.
3. Beth is not going to give me any more reasons.
4. Beth feels I'm being very hostile and that is a reason she does not want to work with me.

Stephen Lauf
Beth Atkinson

[The disputed book mentioned in Beth's written statement is Fox Chase (A Handbook of the Fox Chase Area) 300 Years of Memories (1976) by Johanna Frueh Gaupp, a book containing substantial falsehoods about Ury House and a book the Ryerss Library continues to endorse and sell within it's gift shop.]


[In the recreation room next to George's desk.]

surely touched by Eva Stotesbury...

Cenotaph of Gordon Matta-Clark

Ever since All Saints Day 1994, i.e., a couple days after the world's largest building implosion, Gordon Matta-Clark has been 'living' within and around the quondam power-house of the imploded Sears and Roebuck Northeast Distribution Center.
cenotaph 1 : an empty tomb or a monument erected in honor of a person who is buried elsewhere 2: someplace inhabited by a spirit rather than by a body
Gordon and Otto never met until 1999, when Otto made a visit to Friends Hospital, the first psychiatric hospital of the United States, which is right across the Roosevelt Blvd. from Gordon's "cenotaph". Gordon and Otto instantly became best friends, and Otto especially likes how Gordon still manages to make Ludwig extremely nervous.


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