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Re: what kind of mf forum is this?
Happy Birthday Luis Bu˝uel and Happy Deathday Andy Warhol.
That's exactly what kind of forum this is!
The kind of people that simply die to have a party.


apostasy is only half the story
So now we have Barney elaborately reenacting the raising and lowering of testicles. Given the corporal territory, Barney no doubt plays a lot with the (chronosomatically defined?) fertile imagination. Greenaway also utilizes the fertile imagination, although much more assimilatingly and metabolically. Is Barney perhaps exhibiting /manifesting a pre-natal fertile imagination? Chronosomatically, that is indeed a possibility. Given the female body and it's role in embryonic development, the present 'plane of the present' slices through a female that is approximately five months pregnant. And given that around now is when a developing fetus reverses position from head up to head down, there might just be some developing testicles within the slice of our time, and maybe that's where Barney is chronosomatically (speaking).
latest chronosomatic note (yet to be numbered):
In terms of the present pregnancy within the female body, there may well be twins developing, one male and one female. Since the ultimate birth of the current pregnancy will correspond with a "second birth" (ref. Eliade), the notion of a forthcoming male/female pair of twins (rightly?) contrasts the primordial male/male (metabolic) twins of creation myths.


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