Art that can be construed as supporting LGBTQ+ rights
Stephen Lauf

The full moon has a halo tonight.

Re: D.I.Y. Gallery
Apart from administering dosage after dosage of serious medications, real schizophrenia is something that a non-schizophrenic just cannot subvert.
Real schizophrenia, like my brother Otto is touched with, is very much an ultimate subversion itself.
About a half year ago, I was helping my brother clean up his room. I found a 20 year old vile half full of Thorazine tablets. That vile and its contents [of which its location I am presently unsure] is now part of my art collection.
Ten years ago, I was working at Venue, my own DIY gallery. Five years ago, was in the midst of a year long project entitled schizophrenia + architectures. These days I'm mostly working on writing a novel whose working title is Afterlife Address of Choice


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