Art that can be construed as supporting LGBTQ+ rights
Stephen Lauf

There was another coincidence in The Arts Newspaper today--UK museum reclassifies Roman emperor as transgender. First paragraph: "A UK museum says that it will be heeding research that reveals the ancient Roman emperor Elagabalus was transgender and will subsequently be referring to the ruler as “she” in its displays. According to the Telegraph the North Hertfordshire Museum will use the new set of pronouns to refer to Elagabalus based on classical texts where the emperor asked to be called “lady”. The decision follows long-standing academic interest in Elagabalus's gender identity."

On 10 November 2022 within The Discovery of Piranesi's Final Project, it was written, "...Circus Elagabalus may henceforth also be referred to as Circus Transgender, because Elagabalus openly expressed his desire to go trans..."


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