(chronosomatically) Contemplating the Navel

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2 :
belonging to a former time : having existed or taken place in a period before the present : BYGONE

The genesis of modern humanity

Besides calling out chronosomatic points of transition, the circle/square junctures of the Timepiece gauge also provide a convenient means by which to determine that extent of the past which remains relevant to individuals of the early 21st century. From the second millennial perspective then, the last circle/square juncture of the Timepiece gauge, positioned chronologically at 1543, not only marks a significant evolutionary shift in humanity's comprehension of reality, but at the same time designates the beginning of humanity's intellectual confidence in the scientific method. In specific terms, the last juncture of the gauge coincides somatically with the navel and chronologically with the publication year of Nicolaus Copernicus's complete heliocentric theory, thus accentuating the chronosomatic correlation of the body's most distinct singular feature with the historic turning point event that rendered the probity of long-established theology and philosophy no longer admissible and simultaneously inaugurated humanity's new faith in the discoveries of science. This alignment of the navel and the heliocentric theory, however, merely constitutes a superficial concatenation that alone does not yield genuine chronosomatic viability. Consequently, only after the establishment of a deeper metaphorical link between the entire zone of the body coplanar with the navel and all the historical developments coeval with the publication of the heliocentric theory does this chronosomatic connection's credibility prevail, hence elucidating the origin of so-called modern man.

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